High Performance, Injury & Recovery Care Products
100% Natural & Organic Ingredients – New Zealand Made


Qoleum allows your body to Train Harder – Prevent/Repair Injury – Recovers quicker – Max Performance = Winning Formula!!
Whether your Amateur, Pro, Age grouper or health conscious athlete, the products will help you get the results.

Amputees, prosthetics wearers, wheelchair, spinal injuries, MS, child disabilities products and custom blends suitable to transition rehab through sport, removes phantom pains, allows body to train harder using less energy output giving para athletes edge to maximize performance and reaction speeds.

For athletes with disabilities, adapted sports and wounded transitioning rehab through sport, products and custom blends developed to maximize your performance, remove phantom pains, repair/prevent further injury while tuning into your body to reduce energy output required to perform.

Products tune into the exact needs of the body repairing healing, while protecting and preventing further injuries.

Wellbeing is about a “Healthy body & balanced life” many of us live hectic life’s multitasking work, family, health & fitness, friends, trying to find a balance isn’t easy and most of time we are so busy we forget about ourselves until our bodies begin to ache and we feel tired.

Qoleum can not only support your wellbeing free you from aches and pains, bring your bounce back for all ages we deserve it!

Muscle recovery which prevents DOMS delayed onset muscle soreness, removes lactic acid, relieves cramping and restless limbs, faster muscle recovery after training and competing.

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Unlock your full potential by supporting your body to heal and be in peak performance.

No-doping, zero narcotics products suitable for Pro-Athletes


These products are highly beneficial for active people in stressful jobs or for the inactive whether a wounded soldier, a disabled person or someone whose career requires them to remain alert.

They are also for those transitioning rehabilitation to others needing to keep their bodies rejuvenated, free of aches and pains and finely tuned so they can take on anything!